the story

we are on a mission to disrupt the culture in tech.

there is so much to love about the tech community: the lean startup approach that favors adaptability and flexibility, the commitment to constantly learn and grow, and the focus on the user experience of the product or service.

our favorite aspect of the tech community is its identity as agents of disruption. we know our world needs disruption to innovate and grow.

yet, the culture of the tech world is not safe for people of all genders. there is still widespread gender discrimination that leads to toxic environments, and ultimately keeps women and queers outside of the tech community.

we believe this gender imbalance hurts everybody: those excluded, the culture and the product or service the company is building.

we know this is true by looking at the data. women make up 59% of the us labor force and almost 51% of the entire us population but are underrepresented in the tech world.


the data reveals gender inequality.


the foundation of this problem is gender discrimination. our work is to surface a conversation that has been deeply invisibilized to shift culture to one of inclusion and acceptance.

mission statement

every human is meant to thrive just as every seed is meant to bloom. the environmental conditions around us affect how and when we grow.

we cultivate the appropriate conditions to optimize growth for all people. our purpose is to transform toxic culture to one of acceptance.

gender discrimination is prevalent in our collective culture, and particularly in the tech industry. we are committed to working for gender equality in the tech workplace through facilitating conversation, opening up dialogue, and bringing in wisdom from various sources.



hadar cohen

hadar is ready to open up gender inequality conversation in the tech world. she is a community organizer and social change dreamer.

hadar studied electrical engineering at cooper union and worked at various startups in new york. she moved to the bay area to work on a farm and connect with nature.

her engineering degree taught her the process of applying complex theory to the real world. hadar integrates this method of creating at pivot to bloom, where theory and people come together.

her time on the farm inspired her to think about models of growth and sustainability. she learned that nature can be our source of wisdom to guide us in transforming culture.


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