uncovering the gender lens

a fellowship on feminism for men in tech

how does our unconscious bias inhibit the diversity of our team? how can we understand our own experience through the lens of gender? what is the role of men in building inclusive culture in the workplace?

in this fellowship we will explore these questions through guided facilitated discussion with peers, activities from psychology and neuroscience, and mindfulness practice. the purpose of this fellowship is learn how to contribute to a culture of inclusion in the workplace.

participants will learn about feminism through gender theory, philosophy, psychology and nature. they will develop skills to recognize unconscious bias and learn strategies to overcome these biases.

this fellowship is designed for men in tech who are interested in working for gender equality in the workplace. participants who complete the fellowship will join the pivot to bloom male allies network for continued learning and community relations.

each session will include mindfulness exercises, relevant discussion, thought-provoking activity and practical strategies for overcoming gender bias. additionally, we will provide support to integrate teachings from fellowship to your company culture.

fellowship includes 4 workshops

session 1 : deconstructing gender

introduction to gender theory and the systems that create our culture. we will explore how we understand gender and how this understanding impacts our behavior and patterns.

session 2 : understanding language

engagement in exercises that reveal our internal process of making meaning from interpersonal interactions. we will focus on how we communicate with others and how our words can harm each other.

session 3 : personal connection

sharing stories of our personal experience with gender inequality with honesty and vulnerability. we will discover our role in feminism and commit to future work.

session 4 : mindfulness transformation

gaining skills to continue engaging in this work in our own communities. we will discover how intentionally noticing our internal world can help shift our consciousness.

each participant receives pivot to bloom handbook and workbook for personal reflection and continued learning.

time: thursday evenings, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

dates: may 11th, may 18th, may 25th, june 1st 2017

location: downtown sf

cost: $500*

open to anyone who identifies as a man in tech. no particular experience necessary to apply. we are looking for men interested in working for diversity and inclusion and who demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow.

you can nominate someone you think would be a good fit.

limited spots available

* ask your company for professional development funding. if cost is prohibitive, contact us for financial aid.

be in touch here with any questions.

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