the diversity ecosystem signature program

a partnership with pivot to bloom is a mutual relationship: you commit to investing in a sustained value-driven plan, we commit to meaningful and impactful change in your company culture.

we believe in a holistic approach to address gender discrimination in the workplace. our external facilitation mediates the disconnect between leadership and employees by receiving leadership buy in and catalyzing a culture shift from the grounds up.

our core program consists of 5 components:

1. forming foundation : vision meeting point

2. building relationships : 1:1’s with employees

3. cultivating space : group workshops

4. planting dialogue : strategy and progress sessions

5. growing wisdom : handbook / action guide

forming foundation : vision meeting point

we converge with company leaders to align our visions for partnership and discuss current company culture. our next-steps are designed collaboratively; your customized pivot to bloom strategy is informed by our cultivated relationships with leadership and employees.

  • your customized program is tailored to the company’s needs and unique circumstances.
  • co-creating a holistic workplace cultural shift takes full buy-in from leadership. this work is only possible when leadership enthusiastically supports this initial pivot.
  • alignment between pivot to bloom’s methodological expertise and your vision of change grounds our success.
  • building relationships : 1:1’s with employees

    we create a container to engage in dialogue on gender in the workplace with employees through our weekly office hours. our conversations are confidential to ensure safety. we provide coaching around navigating gender-related conflict in the workplace.

  • understanding company culture requires various perspectives and angles. meeting with employees gives pivot to bloom deeper insight on employee experience.
  • investing in the experience of employees breeds their sense of belonging. company care for well being of employees improves retention rates.
  • listening in an intimate setting creates a space to talk about gender honestly and truthfully. ongoing consistent conversations to ensure issues are dealt with as they come up.
  • cultivating space : group workshops

    we facilitate activities, discussion, and reflection through various group forms (by team, role, gender, etc). workshops are tailored based on strategy and are interactive and participant focused.

  • gathering in community is essential to build company culture that is inclusive and caring group dynamics influence interpersonal interactions based on gender. recognizing how these group dynamics show up in various settings is important to address.
  • opening up space as a company to address gender diversity issues fosters company commitment to work as a team and address the problem together.
  • employees hear other people’s experience and learn from each other.
  • planting dialogue : strategy and progress sessions

    we develop a sustained channel of communication with leadership to open communication, share learnings, and provide assessments. we discuss feedback on partnership and progress of the company.

  • our external facilitation bridges the gap between manager’s understanding of culture and employees experience through meeting with managers.
  • meetings center assessment of employee experience and coaching for managers to move through blind spots and bias.
  • if partnership with pivot to bloom is not working in some aspects, these meetings enable us to pivot to an effective plan
  • growing wisdom : handbook / action guide

    curriculum for each employee with teachings from gender theory, philosophy, psychology and nature to guide our learning. handbook includes a guidebook that provides questions for personal reflection to digest learnings.

  • personal work is essential to shift company culture. these teachings enable employees to learn on their own time.
  • intellectual insight to spark organic conversations between employees on gender.
  • our guides bring in learnings from various sources to provide multiple narratives of how gender affects our behavior, language and mindset.